I’m suffering from Zoom-itis, swinging from one online chat, art meeting, seminar, pilates class, workshop to another all from the comfort of my home.  I don’t like being tethered to these amazing powerful tools.  Yes.  This might be the new normal that I’ll learn to ration.  Perhaps it’s an opportunity to flex the “no” muscle.

So how am I making things better?  Spreading goodness?

I shared my 30 eggs tonight with my neighbors.  Gratis.  Paying it forward.  Splitting my organic farms box with another neighbor.  My diet is now predominantly veggies and I feel ALIVE!

In-between these “stay at home” means of connecting; I’ve been poking along in the studio.  The Forever Stripes series is developing and as I mentioned before it’s my meditation during this time of re-building.  The little something that makes me better right now in my studio, which is messy and needs a good cleaning.

I’m thinking of turning this series, a long with some of my blog posts and other photos during this time, into a photo/coffee table book.  I want to mark this time because I believe it will be a world pivot.

I’ve made this painting better by simplifying and uniting the color.  I also used the saturation /de-saturation of colors to create contrast.  The yellows and creams turned into a deliciously thick orange to create contrast with the paleness of colors in the upper left.


My mixing scrap where I tested colors.

The new and improved piece.

Now it gets the eye treatment as I return to the stripes.

Making things better and sharing the goodness need not be the response to a pandemic.  It’s the new normal.