It’s been a pretty good week.

Veggie box, loaves of bread and quail eggs keep showing up on my doorstep.  Stripes keep appearing in the studio and I’ve made a few sales too.

And, I cut my own hair!

I had been thinking about this for a few days and even Googled how to cut your own hair.  The advice was always the same:  Don’t do it yourself.   But I’ve always been a DIY-er and I was only going for a little trim.

The pleasure of a dare took over me.

I love the sensation of scissors cutting through hair.  The past falling to the ground.  Liberated from weight.  I used my jawline as a guide and kept my head straight.  The first cut was long slow and cautious. I continued past my ears keeping the scissors level.  This was more than a trim.

It’s just hair.  It will grow back.  I’m not going anywhere anyway.

I used the same strategy on the other side but it’s hands going in a different direction.  Challenging.

The front looked pretty good; it was having the two sides meet in the back that gave me trouble. It took me two days to get that back figured out.

“Nice haircut,” has been the response all week!

I loved that I didn’t care about the outcome and had confidence it would work out.  I knew I could always get someone from the barn to use the horse shears to even it out.

Courage always leads to confidence.