I try to end each day writing down 3 things that amazed me.  They could be things that made me smile, an accomplishment or even a surprise reaction.  This strategy is my lever to get out of obsessing over what is not working.  Tim Ferriss also describes this technique in his short video on journaling and notetaking.   You can watch it HERE.

It might be a nice thing for you to do at the end of the day when it seems like nothing is going right.

For this post I’m sharing a few things that amazed me this week.

  1.  Last month I was accepted into the Left Coast Annual Juried Show.  Of course, it was a no show.  Tomorrow they’re presenting the show with the juror, Carin Adams on Zoom.  I’ll be one of the artist panelist on the call.  You can take a spin through the “gallery” from your home.  Visit the show HERE.
  2. I rode my horse in the meadow and for the first time Mr. First was actually relaxed in the big open field.
  3. A large stripe painting is coming along.
  4. I’m participating in the #artistsupportpledge on Instagram.  Once I make $1000 in sales I turn around and buy a piece for $200 from another artist.  Artists supporting artists.  You can support us too by buying from and sharing your favorite artists with your friends.  Check it out and follow me on my Instagram page HERE.
  5. Boxes of veggies and fresh loaves of bread keep showing up on my doorstep!
  6. It was 80 degrees this week.  I love the heat.
  7. My roses are beginning to bloom and the jasmine has exploded.
  8. My work is included in the virtual show “How to Breathe”  with SHOH Gallery.
  9. I am healthy.
  10. I snapped at my dog today.  Short tempered.  Not good.  I told her I was sorry.

Wishing you amazement every night.