My neighbor up the hill must be on a Zoom call with his granddaughter.  I hear him making baby boo boo sounds at her repeatedly.  A shriek in return.  It’s a dental drill to my head.  This goes on for a good 15 minutes.

Phase 2 of shelter in place.

Personally, I’m still staying in and not socializing.  An occasional visit happens from the distance of my doorstep to the street and it’s not long.  Most of the joggers, bikers and dog walkers are wearing masks and bare faced people cross the street to stay out of airborne breath distance.

This last week I fell into a lull.  Too many evening movies, news reports and social media scrolling left me action-less.  Powerless.  I was a victim of consumptive entertainment and it made me ill.  Not me.  Nāo gosto.

Fortunately, the two big boards are getting me going again.  A phone call to an art friend about designing a collective online art show buoyed my spirits.  Messages from another horse lover helped me find goodness and a plan for my horse.  I was back in action.

Know thyself.

I know I am happy when I’m learning, teaching and creating.  This last week I was a voyeur to life and it didn’t sit well with me.  Going forward I’m disabling Facebook, taking a week off from Instagram and know I’ll lose followers, watching only 1 movie per week and no news.  A refresh of the mind.  A cleansing diet.

What I do I become.

More reading.  Braiding skills.  Horse psychology.  Create instructional encaustic videos.  Big board painting.  Piano playing.

Opening moves on the road back to independent me.

Wishing you a thoughtful 4th of July.