Boards to cure the boredom.  Buttons to pass the time.

My hands have been idle and my mind has been spinning this week.  Big boards arrived just in time to get these hands working in the studio again.  First step with all boards is to tape the edges.


Take the time to set the intention from the get go.  I always want the sides and back to look as good as the front.  I’m always horrified when the back is filled with smudges, fingerprints and sad looking wiring.

I think a short video on how to wire a painting could help people.

These boards are 60″ x 36″ each and together they will form a 5′ x 6′ painting.  Big means working on the floor and using multiple brushes taped together to get wide strokes.  It means adapting to the scale of the project.

Not sure whether to continue the stripes or go with the more geometric compositions of my previous work.  As I continue the prep of laying down the ground and initial layers of wax I’ll get some sensations that will guide my direction.  It may be something totally new.

My hands have also been working with Mr. First.  I’m learning different ways to prepare his mane.  I just love the shape of his neck and want to accentuate his beautiful lines.  I’ll have plenty of time to learn since he hurt his leg last week and will need some time to recover.  He’ll be fine but hurt animals always make my head spin as I search for how and why these things happen.  Very odd since all was going so well!  At least he’ll get out for walks in the arena which will build over time.

I trust the Universe has our backs.

So in the meantime we’re bonding even more and he gets a new do everyday.

This photo is of a button style.  It’s my second time trying it but I’m getting the hang of it.  Maybe I’ll document his recovery with a book of braids.

Last November I was in Portugal and had a chance to watch the famous dressage schools of Spain, Portugal and France.  That’s where I witnessed the Art of Dressage: Riding and Presentation.  What I watched was an institution dedicated to the preservation of an art dating back to 1726.  I was awestruck by not only their riding but the elegance, pride and joy in the visual presentation.  Deep reds, golds, feather plumes and head pieces.  Elegant braids with silk ribbon woven through the plaits.  Glory.  Us.

How we show what we do matters.  Be proud of whatever your gig is.  Do it justice by taking the time to prepare and set intentions to Elevate Your Art.

Be Glorious.



A short video on the Portuguese Riding school can be watched HERE.  They use a particular breed of horse, the Alter Real.