Lila’s Ashes are back.

I’m doing a Marie Kondo (yes, the tidying lady) on the house from top to bottom.
I’m doing a Marie Kondo on the mind.

Marie Kondo x 2 = Clarity

3 weeks off Instagram.  Yes, the big Instasick.

How does it feel?


No longer have dreams of scrolling through feeds. My mind is practicing tunes, imagining color combinations.  Encounters with people by phone and distance are unhurried and present.

I’ve a few plans and projects that will require time.

I’m enjoying the uninterrupted journey.
The longer I’ve been off the socials the more I realize how I’ve poisoned my time.

I want mastery.  A remix of technology is in order.  Needs to be my playlist.


hard choices/easy life

This riff from Derek Sivers hits the nail on the head.