More on the social swirl taken from my recent monthly newsletter.  Apologies for the duplication.

What if I do the opposite?

I decided to delete my personal Facebook account and haven’t engaged with Instagram for almost a month.  If you grew up without technology you might know this feeling as a coming home of sorts.  The habit forming tools were ultimately impinging on how I like to spend my time.  I felt coerced into having to use these tools on a daily basis and in a particular way.

Heck, I feel like a kid again exploring, dreaming and trying new things.  I’m back in the studio with a fresh perspective and eagerness to create.  This desire to create was beginning to dim.  No tech/social media/have to’s is worth losing this flame.

So what have I been doing instead?

1.  Writing my curriculum content for 3 online art classes.
2.  Responding to all the lovely emails and messages from real people like you!
3.  Listening to one of my favorite thinkers, doers and adventurers Derek Sivers.  He has helped me look at many of my ponderings with a new perspective.
4.  Playing more piano!
5.  Waking up happy with projects to dive into.
6.  Illustrating more of those horses!
7.  More phone calls
8.  Still walking
9.  Pulling out the griddles and plugging in
10.  Realizing I’ve been blogging since 2015 and am turning the posts into a hardcover book.  I’m not editing or fixing up the posts.  I want to acknowledge every learning, sim ou não.  I love books and know I’ll enjoy having this around.  As I heard on another podcast, I’m writing my Autobiography!  Pretty cool.  Using Pixxibook to create it.

page from my blog book

Have a wonderful Sunday!