I had another post on the burner and then this popped up in my email.


abstract encaustic painting in home

My studio guests this afternoon went home with Undeclared Boundaries.  It was a lovely visit and I forgot how energized I get having people in the studio and sharing my enthusiasm for encaustic with others.

We smelled the cupcake shaped medium.  Played with the torches and marveled at how many brushes I have!  I showed them how to buff the surface with a clean cotton t-shirt and reminded them to dust the top of the frame occasionally.

Within the time it took me to have lunch, a cup of coffee and some journal writing they did this!  My heart was singing.  Their visit splashed some water on my warm weather lull and reminded me why I do what I do.

If you find yourself in a lull

a) pull up your origin story and sit down for a tale.

b) share something you love with someone else.

Guaranteed pleasure bomb.