It was a little too close for comfort.

No windows, small space and 3 people.

It was time to get my work photographed by the pro at Almac Camera in San Francisco.  Don Felton is the pro.  He has been around for a long time and is the art photographer for museums, major galleries, publications, artists and rookies.  A terrific guy and am so grateful he’s in my life!  Most of the photos on this website are by Don.

Despite wearing masks and keeping as much distance as possible, I began to get a little nervous being outside of my hilltop/studio/barn bubble.  It all started when I entered the city and drove past bars where clusters of people sat outside perched on bar stools MASKLESS.  Laughing and talking, well, like the old normal.

COVID fatigue.

When I arrived at Don’s place, Nancy (his assistant and niece) was waiting for me curbside and helped me bring in my large pieces.  She directed me about and had it under control.  Phew.

Taking photos of encaustic paintings is difficult because of the light bouncing off the smooth surface.  Don knows how to angle the lights and set his camera to mitigate the shine and achieve a true surface color.  It’s not easy.  He has shown me how to do it many times and I still have difficulty.

You can see from the photo it’s a small space.  Behind Don there is maybe 5′ more of space.  Nancy and I are behind him preparing the next painting.  They run a smooth operation.

Before I left, Nancy gave me a scarf and hat she made for me a few months ago.  Just love these two.  As you can see I’m all set for Winter in the studio now.  Not sure who painted the portrait of Don but it’s accurate!

I loved the visit; it was my first adventure in 6 months.  Still, I was eager to get home.

I wonder if that’s permanent?



PS:  Open Studio November 7,8,14,15.  Going to have a sale section…up to 50% off small paintings!  Come on by and bring your friends!