We’re back in lockdown. Go out for the essentials otherwise stay home. Can we do this for another 3 months?

I’m fortunate my lifestyle hasn’t changed much, yet I see my friends’ faces on Zoom and they look haggard. Through the screen I can feel their fatigue. Eyes are glazed, facial features immobile. I smile hoping like children, they’ll smile back.

I want to tell them how there is so much life in nothing.

How it’s filled with plenty.

On a walk last week I was stopped by the display of Fall color on the sidewalk. The burgundy and reddish pink leaves contrasting with the grey concrete. Dry versus hard. Curled versus flat. Random shadow patterns. I stood for a good few minutes taking it in.

This burgundy color popped up again today. I was fumbling with my phone in camera mode and as we all do, I took 2 photos of nothing.

Well look what the phone captured.   I’m interpreting this as a sign from the Universe and will take this Fall driven deepness to the studio!

As Gershwin reminds us:

“I’ve got plenty of nothing,
and nothing’s plenty for me.
I got no car- got no mule
I got no misery…
Cause the things that I prize-like the stars in the skies- are all free

From Porgy and Bess, I Got Plenty of Nothing
To hear Cedric Cannon sing click HERE

Hope you take a listen.  Before you know it you’ll be singing along.