Shifting the bow and aiming for 3 events.  Two Spectrum Art Fairs (Indian Wells & Miami), Berkeley Open Studio in June.

AOK.  Staying calm and focused.  I am learning to ask for help and let the duvidas come and go.  It’s going to be great!

Getting up at 6am & starting the day with a Power Pose. Thanks James Victore!

This is harder than I thought.  My first week back from Brazil I was getting up at 5:30, even earlier!  Heaven.  No alarm needed!  Got to the gym and walked Lila before getting into the studio at 9am.  Slowly, it unraveled.  I used the excuse of a cold, a 10 hour drive to pick up a painting, jet lag for not getting up.  It’s the weekend, I can sleep in a little.  I want to get up early.  I like seeing the dark turn to light.  I enjoy the quiet, still blue blackness of madrugada.  As I say, still working on it.

Renewed dedication to the piano. SCHEDULED PRACTICE!

And this one too!  2:30 I say.  Little here, little there, tomorrow.  I am dedicated but am having a hard time committing to time.  Or, an issue with commitment?


Giddy-up!  Kiwi, my new best friend.  A retired champion Eventing Horse.  25 years old.  My guru.