Shifting the bow and aiming for 3 events.  Two Spectrum Art Fairs (Indian Wells & Miami), Berkeley Open Studio in June.

OK.  So this is the plan.  Won’t be doing Spectrum at Art Basel Miami in December.  Instead…..I’ll be in Miami exhibiting with Studio 26 NYC at CONTEXT and AQUA.  Two of my favorite paintings, Raw Fire and Shaking Loose will be exhibited at CONTEXT.   For the hotel show at AQUA I’ll be exhibiting my small Septet Series.  YIRAH!!!

I’m booking my flight now and thinking since I’m halfway to South America it would be so easy to keep on going and land in…..Salvador?  Buenos Aires?  Suggestions?

Getting up at 6am & starting the day with a Power Pose. Thanks James Victore!

Power pose continues.  May have to scratch the 6am.  What I am turning into a habit is to walk Lila the moment I get out of bed.  Otherwise, I’ll make breakfast, sit with my tea and there goes the morning.  I’m one for one.  Looking good.  No clock involved.  No time.  Just the action.

Renewed dedication to the piano. SCHEDULED PRACTICE!

This is on par with 6am.  I just don’t do well with numbers and clocks.  I play when I get up.  I play after lunch.  I play before bed.


 Will test ride the Lusitanos right here in California!  Barbier Farms in Healdsburg breeds and trains Lusitanos.  I’m booked for a 3 day weekend of lecture and riding.  These people are serious.  They bring their own horses and shine their boots everyday.  They wear belts and match their outfits with their tack.  It’s going to be great!