I wasn’t getting that feeling; the one I usually get when a painting has settled into permanence.

Something wasn’t quite right.  I looked and looked.  (remember last blog?)  Even though I photographed the work, removed the edging tape and wired it for hanging; discomfort was lurking.  I moved on to other work.

Artists have unusual anatomy.

We have eyes in the back of our heads.

Maybe the seeing is more of a feeling; but we know what’s going on.  Hey, what’s going on.

Leaping: I had even posted the work on social media and received the thumbs up.  Many people gave it the “heart” yet I wasn’t feeling it. I was going for the win. So with torch in hand, I warmed up the area that was bothering me, got the sharpest scraper and removed the irksome area. That was a good feeling. If everyone is zigging it’s time to zag.

Following your intuition is a win and worthy of celebration.

It’s easy to lose sight of the wins when piles of wax scrapings are growing by the pound. Yes, they can be melted down and used as an underlay, more like owl pellets ready for dissection. Better yet, I keep the trash under the table and do an underhand into the can. Out of sight out of mind. I like clean.

More bold moves worth celebrating?

Volunteering in a kindergarten classroom and leading an “art” lesson. We started the lesson with line work and then moved into color: three primary and white. I challenged them to make the secondary colors. Their joy of finding orange, greens and purple was contagious. Their line work and composition stunned me. I’m reminded of the power in beginner’s mind. To top it off they made me a Welcome Banner with my name in orange. How did they know?


Donating Art: Last night I went to the DART for ART event. Over a hundred artists donated paintings to the Lymelight Foundation; a non profit that supports adults and children with Lyme disease. (I’ve been bitten by ticks a number of times and know the pain when it gets into your lymph system. This is minor to what these people are experiencing.). Tickets to attend are sold in advance and ticket holders are eligible to dart for art! The event was held at the San Mateo Event Center. Imagine a large room with over 100 paintings beautifully displayed like a gallery. To get the art, ticket holders are put into groups of about a dozen or so people. Groups are staged so only one group is “darting” for art at a time. No bidding. No pricing. If you have a ticket you’re eligible. I like this method.

The first group is called and they stand on the starting line. I’m watching my two donated paintings and the “darters”. They’re given the go and someone is bee lining for my painting Burial Tomb! Wow. Connection made. That’s a win!

Round two and no one “darts” for my large painting Raw Cascade. Round 3. I see on the line a woman who approached me during the preview saying how much she liked the painting and was keeping her fingers crossed that she could get it. She really likes the piece! Her enthusiasm reminds me of the power art has to move people and I am part of that movement.

Round 3 is off and I’m videoing this one. I see “my” woman running and then…someone steps in front of the camera! I lower the camera in disbelief and scan the scene.  From the far end of the room I see she’s jumping up and down!  “She got it!”  The big, little win.

Twelve more rounds and everyone is experiencing a win. Well done.

I’m taking more time to acknowledge the wins, small to large; and systematically and routinely celebrating them!

As the saying goes, “What you focus on grows!”