“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
– Pablo Neruda

Been pondering this quote lately. Heard it in the recent Tim Ferriss podcast of Jack Kornfield. It seemed to fit my mood on this sunny March day. My inside didn’t match the blue skies and deep shadows of outside. So I sat. In the sun. Lizard like. I even brought out two of my paintings to see them in true light. We sat. I count that as “doing the work”.

Are we taking time to listen to our creations? In whatever form they take?

Over the years I’ve picked up many habits from a wide range of teachers and there is one I come back to again and again when I feel groundless. I place my bare feet on rocks warmed by the sun and visualize my body being soldered (gently) to the earth. Alignment.

What will happen will happen. Lighten up.

Tap into the knowledge that growth is happening no matter how many pounds of wax I may have scraped away. I cannot keep more paintings from coming.