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Last week when I posted about that wonderful Picasso painting, a friend followed up by asking me what was the title of the painting. I was so taken by the painting I forgot to find out the name! By then, I couldn’t remember on what site I had found the image but it was in my Photo Album.

I remembered hearing that there was a way to search Google using images. So I searched Google about image searching in Google; I know strange. In a blink of the eye I came across this item.

Google Reverse Image Search

It looked promising and simple. My requirements now with technology is that it needs to be simple, straightforward and free. Check, check, check.

I followed the instructions and pulled the Picasso image from my Photos Album and dropped it in. BAM! Up came the name of the painting and all the articles I could ever want to read about it. Which I did!

Femme Accroupie, (Jacqueline). Painted in 1954

Did you know he painted that piece when he was fresh in love with his final lover and eventual wife Jacqueline? And that she shot herself the day after he died many years later? Or he was greatly influenced by his great friend and rival Matisse?

Why do the stories make it even better?

He painted it quickly and in one afternoon. I can see him there in his shorts, striped shirt and cigarette burning in the ashtray. Or maybe he smoked after. And where was she? If you look carefully at the photo you’ll see the unfinished painting resting on the easel.

Power pose. Going to work on that too.



PS: You can read more about this work from the Christie’s website.

PPS: It’s kind of fun to search your own work too!


Jalbert Louise April 15, 2018 at 3:46 pm – Reply
I have always loved that picture of Picasso and how he took up the places he lived in with his work. Thanks for letting us know the title: that will be part of the story of this photo and that painting now!
Francesca April 15, 2018 at 4:31 pm – Reply
Thanks Louise. I would die for a space like his though I think it speaks to his character too.

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