Looking at the Pros

I’ve been looking at this picture lately. Clearly not my work. I’m sure you recognized the style and Picasso came to your mind before you even began reading this post.

I love how it feels unfinished. Picasso one said that a finished painting is a dead painting. I see what he means now. I’m drawn to the happy untidiness and blocks of color. White spilling onto the lines of blue and red on the left side. Did he forget to clean it up? Why are those shapes loose yet the lower red corner tight? Emotional tension? Contrast. Rough, smooth. Tight, loose.

I bet the original painting has dirt and brush hairs in it.

I wonder how much of this painting is re-worked? Did he paint from left to right like Philip Guston or block out the whole piece?

Looks like he changed his mind about the upper right side. Was it originally black and then quickly changed to white? Maybe he just added some greys in there for texture. And what about all those brush strokes?

Picasso reminds me to play with the materials, shapes and colors. Simple. Slow. Let the color have weight and presence. I lose the reference of the woman when I follow his geometric trail of color. Look at those green triangles breaking apart! They tumble off her dress.

This is my next step painting. When in doubt, I check in with Picasso. What would he do?

Who are the pros you channel for inspiration and solutions?




Jalbert Louise April 8, 2018 at 10:16 am – Reply
Always fun and inspiring to get our eyes (and nose) up close to a master’s painting. What is the title and where is that painting of Picasso?

Francesca April 8, 2018 at 1:31 pm – Reply
Femme accroupie. It’s Jacqueline his last love. Painted in 1954 early on in their relationship. Sold a few years ago to a private collector for 36 million

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