I’m teaching another encaustic workshop in the studio this weekend.  The classroom teacher comes out in me as I prepare each student’s place with materials and an outline for the weekend.  I arrange each item with care and precision, as if I’m wrapping a gift.

At first I thought a class close to the holidays would be too much during this busy time of the year.  I was wrong!  It’s the perfect experience to shed light on what giving is really all about.

How often do we get to share what we love to do?

To be a torch bearer for another person’s leap?

There is no rush in the studio.  Time is out of our hands and into the hands of the wax!  If you pay attention, the material is telling us how it likes to be handled.  I was reminded of this when I made a rookie mistake.  I scraped when I should have waited.  The wax was just too hot to manipulate and I ended up scraping down to the bare panel.

And why didn’t I wait?


It’s lovely to be reminded of one’s flaws privately in public.

When I teach, I often speak my thought process.  I believe in revealing the how and not keeping any secrets.  Even the flaws turn into gifts when shared.

I have three wonderful students this time; 2 adults and one teenager.  We’re sharing all of our secrets.  What a delight!