It’s been a week of teach, take down and set up.  Repeat.

With all the focus on the nuts and bolts of the studio I forgot to get my holiday cards sent to the printer.  There wasn’t enough time to design something holiday-ish and get them back from the printers and into the mailbox.  The online print world does make it so easy and I love using Moo and Social Print Studio for much of my print material.

But what did I do before all this click of a button ease?

I made my own cards.  Did you?

I remember cutting out pink hearts for Valentine Day cards.  Green construction paper turned into Christmas trees with red and white glitter ornaments.  Glue fingerprints appeared no matter how hard I tried to keep the cards clean.

I’d think of all the people I’d send them to.  A list!  Each name brought up a memory of that person.  A little smile as I’d address their envelope, slip in the tree and lick the envelope to seal it.  Another lick for the stamp.

I was so proud carrying my bundle to the post office.

Thump as they dropped into the bin.

And that’s what I did this year. I made my own cards.

Thump as they went into the bin.

Such a good feeling.  Better than clicking a button.

This year, rather than the easy, go for the delight.



PS:  Holiday Open Studio today- Sunday December 16th!  Last chance to visit the studio for 2018.  Noon to 4pm!

That’s a photo of one of my handmade cards.