I know.  It’s only the first week of the new year but I’m already into change.

Deep Water is telling me that is the word for 2019.

Subtle. Silly.  Physical or soulful.  All worthy of testing.

I’ve re-arranged my three pieces of living room furniture.  Now the chaise is in front of the fireplace so I can breathe in the fire.  A winter arrangement to be changed in the Spring.  I maintain the fire with my torch in the studio.

In my bedroom, the bedside table is now a little writing station by the window placed on top of the heater.  That’s where I am now.  Typing away, heat flowing under my feet and a view of the park.  I can tell the time and weather conditions by the people who exercise in the park.  It’s definitely a mittens, hat and multiple jacket day.  Few people.  Still early.

This is the set up I do whenever I’ll be staying for awhile.  After 30 years in this house I’m finally settling in.

No more time for end of the year review.  Deep Water has my back and thrust me into the year with a new show in the Orinda Library Gallery.  Thirteen pieces are up and it’s beautiful.  I’ve done this enough that I know what will work and how to get into action.

I’m out of the end of the year stagnation to darkness and riding the opening of the days into Light.


Hello 2019.



PS:  Walking your home with a donate bag in hand works wonders for you and others.  In addition to Goodwill, there are many Donation Drop bins around.  Once you know they exist you see them everywhere.   Curbs wasteful purchases too.