Hurry up and wait.  I’m living with my mistakes right now.

I’ve got 4 unfinished paintings in the studio and they’re not looking good.  Yet.  I can’t do anything about it because I ran out of the medium I use to make my “paint”.  I can’t stand this feeling.  I’m not good at leaving messes, unmade beds or dirty dishes in the sink.  Tomorrow.  Later.  Nope. Nao.  Doesn’t work for me.

There has to be a lesson here.

Patience.  Plan ahead.  Paint thoughtfully.  Breathe.  Think process.

Until the medium arrives I’ll take Lila on a long walk.  Update my images for the winter Artspan open studio.  Create invitations for that opening.  Yet my hands and mind are itching to move those paintings along.  I’m uncomfortable with leaving them at this stage of development for so long.

Maybe I’ll turn their faces to the wall like Picasso did with his most famous painting that changed the course of his career.

I can live with that.  Off to the studio…out of sight, out of mind!



How do you handle those uncomfortable in-between stages?