The medium arrived during the heat wave.

Not wanting to leave my four in distress any longer I’ve been working at night when the wax has a chance of cooling down enough to harden.  It’s impossible to paint hot on hot in encaustic.  I guarantee you One Big Soupy Mess.

I forget how the night light obscures the color.  Hours go by and I realize I’ve been painting into the dark.  When I work my tendency is to over focus.  To get whatever I’m working on into a state of acceptance; according to my standards.

When I check in on the paintings in the morning I don’t recognize what I see.  The red is deep and reminds me of blood.  Lines and edges are clear and the wax is thick from heavily juiced brushes.

It can be hard working for Francesca.

Yesterday was a breakthrough.  The paintings have turned a corner and I can be a little more relaxed in my approach.

It’s question time as I fine tune my art and my week.

What will happen if I change that creamy square with the green in the middle to a bright blue?

Why don’t I go out to Briones Regional Park more with the dog?  We loved it!

How does he do that?  What is he thinking?  Is he talking to me?