I’ve been staring this week, blame it on my Decade in Review exercise.  Out the windows, into the fire, or the eyes of my critters.  They’re my portals to purity, truth and quiet.  Right now I’m staring into the fireplace and not really thinking about anything.  What a relief.  I highly recommend it!

In the studio I’ve been staring at a few paintings.

I stared at this painting on the left until it told me it needed a red rectangle nudged between the lower pink and yellow shapes.  What a difference a day makes…

Can you spot it?

I’ve also been eyeing this one below.

“Where did you come from?” I ask.

Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.abstract encaustic painting

“The forest.”

And so it’s my magical forest of blue trunks, rectangular leaves and a sunny side up egg type of sun.  I think red corn may be growing in the corner.

Staring nurtures a wonderful imagination.  I think it ties in nicely to the next section of my Decade in Review:  Creating my next 10 years.

It may get crazy out there this holiday season so please light a fire, grab your critters and create your next 10 years.