I was out on for an evening walk the other day to pick up bread from my neighbor.  It’s a steep hill up to her house only three blocks away.  There is no rush and at this leisurely pace I peer into gardens, notice mailbox details and say hello to folks I pass along the way.

Before I left my house I put my phone in my pocket.  Time for some non-art photos I thought.

evening sky

Upon leaving the bread house I turned to face the most vibrant sky.  A tonal mix of blues and greys looking so painterly!  I stood for a while taking it all in.

evening sky to inspire art

Back home I entered the studio and dug through my quick color studies.  There was something about the sky that was too familiar to let go.  In minutes I found them, my little 6″ x 6″ paintings on paper.

abstract painting of evening sky

abstract painting of evening sky

Wow.  How did this happen?  I painted these pieces months ago and was not looking at the sky for inspiration.  I’m amazed by our ability to be subtly influenced day after day without our knowing.  Before you know it the connection is made.

Are the colors and patterns of nature already within us?

We are nature after all.barefeet grounding to the earth

Spending more time grounding myself to the Earth.  If you want relief from your ills, remove your shoes and socks and plant your feet directly on the Earth.  Dirt.  Grass.  Anything non-human.  And walk on it!

Find a big rock warmed by the sun and give it a hug.  That’s the best.