I think I can almost cover the whole wall now with stripes.  That was my goal during this stay at home season.  There are more paintings behind me that you can’t see.  This week I’ll hang all of them up and do my best homage to Hunt Slonem.  Bunnies to stripes, the name of the game is keep to Plan A.

abstract stripe encaustic art in studio

Sticking to Plan A has added over 25 new paintings to my inventory.  Every painting is getting me closer to the ultimate goal of becoming part of a museum collection.  “One day my work will be on these walls,” I said to my young self while staring at the tall blank white walls of SFMOMA.  Why not?

Too often we let go of Plan A and adopt Plan B.  And when that fails there is always C, D and E.  Not good.  Better to fail at Plan A and get back on the horse.  Having a Plan B dilutes the effort and chance for success with Plan A.  You get better with one plan.

Yesterday Plan A was to ride Mr. First in the meadow.  I want to be able to take him out on the gorgeous watershed trail system we have access to across from our barn.  No bikes, dogs on leash.  It’s heaven on earth for horse people and I want to share that with Mr. First.

Let’s just say he was not as relaxed as the week before out there.  Goats, turkeys in the shadows, the Alhambra delivery truck rattling down the road and that fresh grass smell after a rain all created one alive animal.  Every cell in his body was focused and alert.  He was stunning.  And poised for flight.

I’m lucky to have a teacher that comes out with me on these rides.  He got on Mr. First first and helped him settle and get comfortable with the surroundings.  “Why don’t you hop on him now.”

We were deep into the field and far from the road.  It was quieter there yet the shrubs and trees bordering the trail created pockets of shadow and brush for a deer to jump out of or for the shifting sunlight to create make believe monsters.  I’m not sure what Mr. First was thinking but that was going through my mind.

Plan A.  Plan A.  Plan A.  

I got on and instantly forgot about the monsters.  Here was 1100lbs of big energy needing guidance; right now.

It was a beautiful moment.  The shift from thinking to feeling to was immediate.  In that second our relationship grew and we were in this together.  I focused on where I was going and just tuned into him.  In my mind I created the image of what I wanted which was a slow seated trot on this glorious proud animal.  A gentle shift from the walk to shake out the worry and begin our dance.  He got the message.

I barely hear my teacher,   “Yes, yes…beautiful!”

In trust I gave the rein even more and he was right with me.  We were magnificent.lusitano horse

I was so proud of him and myself for sticking with Plan A.  If there had been a Plan B it would have weakened my initial effort.  I would not have found that depth in me or Mr. First that we’ll need once we get on the trails.

Make sure you stick to your Plan A.  Burn the ships as they say and hang on for the ride.

It’s worth it.