One of the perks of traveling to distant lands is that I come home out of synch.  Instead of fighting it I’m seeing it as an opportunity to mix things ups.  After all, it’s the contrast in life, and art, that gets the heart pumping.  The difference is what lures us in; by smell, texture, shape, value or by sound.  Or in my case, from night to day.

Morning in Morocco


I’ve been back from Morocco for a few days now so the 8 hour time difference is slowly receding.  The first night home I woke up at 4am.  Alert.  Too early I thought and stayed in bed until 5am.  I couldn’t stand it anymore so I proceeded with my usual make tea, feed Lila and cook some eggs.  I opened the back door to let Lila out into the darkened garden.  I looked up into the blue black sky scattered with, yes, twinkling stars.  Delightful!  How can I sleep through this display of contrast?  

Bonus points:  I get to watch the sky lighten and the contrast reverse.

What was once hidden gets revealed through light.


Bahia Palace


Morocco was a sensory overload of contrast. They are masters at getting your attention quickly and then unraveling the splendor.  Entryways and doors fascinated me. Check out all the different shapes, patterns and textures in this one entryway at the Bahia Palace.

Repeating shapes created entryways lined with foliage. Extreme heat was reduced with the arrangement of plants, water, fountains and shiny objects. I’d see this extreme attention to detail and design in many situations.

Majorelle Gardens


One morning I drove out of the city for a little over an hour to get to the Atlas Mountains where I’d go on a hike with a local Berber guide. Along the way we stopped for tea at a Berber home.


The government has started to create opportunities for money to flow to these small villages. In exchange for a small fee, you get tea and a tour of their home. They get stronger building materials, electricity and education.  

The guide and I hiked for over an hour up trails too difficult for their donkeys.  This is my dream landscape.  Dry, hot and vast.  There is detail her too.  You just have to get closer to the earth.  I love the water but give me a warm rock and the smell of chaparral…