I was all set to head into the city to install my work for my Open Studio in San Francisco next weekend.  The UHaul was rented and my neighbor would help me load the big boards into the van.  Fortunately I’ve been getting up early and what a world of difference that makes!  I checked my email and there was a message saying that regrettably we needed to reschedule the install.  

A fortunate spin of events for the other end of my email could have put a wrench in my day.  Instead I turned to my mentor PP.  

What would he do?  

Pablo Picasso

I love playing this game when I have decisions to make.  I channel the vibe of a REMARKABLE person; at least in my book.  It doesn’t have to be a famous person.  I have an advisory committee that is out of this world.  (Hehehe)  In this case, Picasso has been on my mind after reading a book about him and Matisse during their early years.  It’s the pre- PICASSO story, when he was just Picasso.  

Frames make a difference!

So, I folded my arms, faced the sun and made the Picasso face.

Feeling better already!  Power pose.  Like Picasso, I made a cup of coffee, headed into the studio and got to work.  I love Saturday in the studio and now I had time to finish boxing, walk Lila and work in the garden.  

Who’s on your advisory committee?

Small and Large


If you’d like to see more of what I’ll be bringing click HERE for details on my first Open Studio in San Francisco on November 4th and 5th in Jackson Square!