The painting above is called Puttering. It is 40″x 30″x 1.5″. There are quiet and loud conversations in the composition. Drips, lines, geométricas and even an “x” create a delightful backdrop for the lobster orange and cadmium yellow pigments. This is all to say that I’ve been puttering in the studio and getting ready for the next deep dive.

Some people need to clean the house before they can work. I have a tendency to sweep. It’s my meditation. I sweep the house, the studio, the porch. In my mind I’m rehearsing the work for the day, pushing it off until there is nothing else to straighten. I consider this Polishing the Procrastination.


I just learned of the latest school shooting. No more time to sweep. It’s about now. Take action however I can. I used to teach in the public schools. Our classrooms were often the only safe place for many children. This has been taken away. I’m sickened and determined to shift the scale.

Color to the rescue.

For now I have a new purpose for PTP.