I was a little bit nervous before climbing on to the stool and taking my seat with the four other artists invited to speak at the closing reception of Nod to Mod in Ventura. This was one of the cities devastated by the SoCal fires and we were lucky to even be there. Pretty cool that all of the artists celebrated color, invention and chance occurrences. Timely.

Speaking about what I do and why is an integral part of my practice.

The engagement with others created an opportunity for new ideas, shift in perceptions and possibilities to materialize. Abundance. It’s the equivalent of a verbal sketch pad! It energized and filled me with pride for being an artist; an assurance that creating beauty and contributing to the light in the world is a worthy and much needed path.

I’m including show notes and a link to the talk. The link will take you to the YouTube of H Gallery.

Up shot? I loved it and am on the look out for podcasters who want to talk! Send them my way. Please!

Hope you enjoy!



Link to: Nod to Mod panel discussion

Show notes.

Moderator: Yessica Tores. (My painting Cadence is behind Yessica)


Sara Genn (her work is behind panel)

Francesca Saveri

Sawyer Rose

Blandine Saint-Oysnt

Curtis Taylor

1:03 Intro of artists and why chosen to be on panel

1:34 Sara Genn. Singer, pop jazz musician, artist. Creative person has more than one medium. Pigeonholing is an unnatural path.

5:54. Francesca Saveri

7:55. How I got into Encaustic.

9:22 Sawyer Rose. Installation work. Long fine arts background. Mixed Media always. To control the impulse of adding more.

10:53 How she found her medium. Women’s Project.

13:29 Blandine Saint-Oysnt. Who doesn’t want to talk about herself! From France. Structured painting to improvisational. Talks about the influence of moving from France to California. Her way of saying “Yes I’m in America. I have a voice.” California very liberating. Pouring paint very seductive, sexual. No subject matter. Large and series. Performance art and works with music.

16:39 Curtis Taylor. How he became comfortable with wood. Duties that ground him in the real world and the time to create.

20:08 Images of his wall sculptures. Discussion of his work

23:11 Uniting thread with all of us

25:00 Discussion of Sara’s work “You Were Here”

31:32 Discussion of Blandine’s work. Poured paintings

35:07 Discussion of my work. Saturated intense color. Attention to detail.

39:28 Sawyer Rose Data Visualization Project: Ann and Hilary

45:30 Q&A