“What are you working on now?


I get a mix of looks with this response. Some chuckle, others want more information and some even mention Doris Day.

That is an example of PillowTalk. I believe when we access our subconscious mind and bring the information into the present moment we are utilizing a greater range of sensibilities.

Take it a step further.

My dreams are lucid and filled with information. I lead the charge. I fly. I speak Português fluently. I’m calling them “sleep” experiences for lack of a better word plus I’m not able, YET, to formalize them in this moment. Perhaps it is the subconscious?

Is it possible to simultaneously access and integrate our “sleep” mind with the present moment? This exploration is the basis of my new color series PillowTalk.

In my last post I showed a “doodle” of procrastination. Or was it? I wrote that the doodle provided me with the information I needed for the day. It was an exit from the freeway into the countryside where a multi-sensory awareness thrives.

Look away from this post for a moment. Look straight ahead and take notice of the objects. Maybe you can see a chair, table, lamp, dog resting on a bed. Now blur the eyes and see the space and what might BE beyond the space. I have a hunch that space has our presence too and is filled with information.

The paintings in PillowTalk explore the merging of this “double” life, “double” speak. The squeezing of two active disengaged realms create compositions of contrast, color overlaps and peeks into forgotten space.

As the series progressed I utilized more of the quiet conversations that aren’t verbalized when we are awake. Blocks of color rest next to visible meandering lines buried beneath layers of clear medium. The work became lighter and buoyant. Honest.

Freeway. Exit. A choice.



PS: Open Studio June 2-3 and 9-10. Hope you can take the exit and come see PillowTalk in person!

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