Sunday is Elastic

Current mood. Sunday mood. A little procrastination so I went doodling. Isn’t that what Sundays are for? I prefer the weekends to working than the weekday. Somehow time seems elastic with fewer interruptions.

I was supposed to write a statement for my PillowTalk series, the highlight of my Open Studio! Instead I’m pulling out my computer crayons and coloring in a very elegant rider on a Lusitano horse doing high airs!

I think there’s a lesson here. This is a complicated, difficult move in the horse world. Yet what composure and joy of horse and rider!


Balance and lightness.


Unconsciously, with no mind, my quiet mind surfaced with instruction and an example of PillowTalk! I followed my feelings of the subconscious and brought it to daylight.

The merging of the conscious with the subconscious to create a multi-sensory experience of the world.

My doodle was a form of the quiet mind “speaking up!”

I’m in countdown to Open Studio starting June 2. The studio is a mess. I can’t finish hanging the work until I get frames for two pieces and another framer delivers two pieces. (They’re gorgeous paper pieces framed exquisitely.). There’s a demo to plan for, labels to make, inventory sheets to produce and more.

I look at my doodle, the voice of my quiet mind and I know how to be.

Doodle on!



PS: You’re all invited to my Open Studio! I’d love to share our PillowTalk! You can find more information HERE.

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