Getting Ready for Open Studio

I’ve put away the hot plates, panels and hair picker outers. Must mean it’s time for Open Studio! This will be my 8th consecutive open studio and I’m rather proud of that!

This year I’ll be presenting a cohesive body of work called PillowTalk. The concept began with two paintings: one on paper and the other on panel. Each piece provided me with rules and a type of roadmap to follow. Along the way there were deviations yet I restrained myself to stick to the plan.

This was harder than I thought.

What helped me dive deeper into the work was coming up with the title of the series. Once I hit upon the word “PillowTalk” it all fell into place. The word allowed me to associate with emotions and actions while keeping to my “rules”.

I believe we switch tracks before we’ve gone the distance.

Of course I switched tracks a few times and even switched countries. I had enough information for the work to be able to return to it even after a break of two weeks. I’m someone who likes to work uninterrupted once I get in the groove. When a painting hits a certain mark in its development, I hang on like a crab until the work is done.

PillowTalk is done. Paintings are being moved around to create a delightful experience for you on June 2-3 and June 9-10, 2018. I want my work to speak to you from a distance and to invite you in for the private tête-à-tête. Simultaneous consciousness.

Next week I’ll have written the PillowTalk statement. I need to have a few more conversations myself. Sometimes truth is after the fact.



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