The Saint of Now

While unpacking my bags I found this little card of Saint Expeditus. I forgot I had him in my bag. Little did I know he was guiding my trip throughout Brazil these past two weeks.

These little paper cards are common in Brazil. I found Expeditus while visiting my neighborhood church, Igreja de Santo Antônio in Salvador. It was the only card they had on the dark wood table by the front doors. I’m not a particularly religious church going person but the day was hot and this old church is on a hill with a verdant, cooling breeze and a magnificent view of the Bay. Plus, I’m fond of Santo Antônio. But he was not there that day. Only Saint Expeditus.

I consider these leaflets the baseball cards of salvation and collect them as I find them. I love their colorful depictions and story. One side image, other side prayer written in Portuguese. These icons show up everywhere and add to the narrative of the environment. I thought it odd that only Expeditus was offered that day.

As I traveled on in Brazil Expeditus showed up again in a horse riding barn. I learned Expeditus is the Saint of Now. Making decisions and moving forward. Notice he is standing on a bird with the word CRAS. To procrastinate. I love these stories.

Indeed, this trip was one of decision making. Once we decide, doors and opportunities open up everywhere. I sense a new phase in life beckoning with these decisions. Art. Home. I’ve been in CRAS mode way too long.

I have to laugh a bit though. My mother kept cards of Saint Jude in all of her purses. It was her private prayer. I get it.

I’m keeping Saint Expeditus on my bedside table.




Gillian St George May 8, 2018 at 12:48 pm – Reply
I love little cards like these as they take up no weight or room in a drawer, yet when rediscovered again down the road, they offer a serendipitous a ha moment! Nice story Francesca!

Francesca May 9, 2018 at 7:14 pm – Reply 
Hi Gillian. You understand! Do you carry around some token or imagery too?

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