October has taken off.

The encaustic workshop is behind me and I’m getting ready for Weekend One of ARTSPAN SF Open Studio.  It’s crunch time which means I’m saying no to most invitations.  I’ve even put the dancing and workouts on hold.  I’m focused on selecting work, finishing edges, wrapping and boxing paintings in order to be ready on Thursday for the U-Haul delivery to SF.  Phew.

Oh, and there’s a painting I need to deliver to the juried show at San Francisco Women’s Art Gallery.  Tomorrow.

Fortunately I’m good at planning and all I need to do is do my To_Do list.  Let the list absorb the tension of juggling perhaps too many balls.  Or maybe you remember those plate spinners who run from stick to stick giving each a little spin to keep the plates from falling.  That’s how this week feels.  Spin, spin.  Spin, spin.  Eyes ahead.

This strategy paid off when this I received an email this week from The Firehouse Arts Center in Pleasanton asking if I’d exhibit some of my work in their lobby gallery.  When?  ASAP.

I’m realizing the benefits of having  systems in place to be able to move quickly and spin multiple plates.  Within two days the work was delivered and on the walls.  By the third day the Center had my work and information on their website and in their marketing loop. 

What a pleasure it was to work with others who have systems in place and follow through with the talk.

They know how to spin too.



PS:  Info for SF Open Studio is here.