Preparation is my mantra for this week.

Before I left for my week long horse getaway, I set my studio table with 6 fresh panels ready for their taping and priming.  All the detritus from shows, workshops and studio visits has been sorted and put away.  I’m down to bareness which is my preferred way of working.  I can’t stand clutter; in my home, studio or life.

Preparation happens in the mind too.

This was particularly clear with the horse this week.  If I didn’t send him images of what I wanted, he’d come up with his own Steven Spielberg thriller that I might not like!  The horse is a physical proof of how well I’ve created my imagery.  If I rush the preparation I’m almost guaranteed DISASTER.

Same goes for in the studio.  If I don’t wait for the optimum temperature of the wax DISASTER.  If I don’t size my paper beforehand I loose my flow.  If. Then.  Consequences.

In a month I’ll be exhibiting at the Superfine ArtFair in Los Angeles.  The organizers are helping artists prepare for a successful experience.  I need to receive approval of my booth plan before the show.  Drag I thought.  But now that I’ve done not only one plan, but six, I realize the value in this preparation.  I also need to honor their desire of creating a consistent presentation for the visitors.  Not sure how well my work will go over in LA so their curation is key.  It is a group effort after all.

My 6th iteration of the plan is this one.  I could take away one of the smaller paintings and have more flow around the work.  Less is always better in these situations.  I appreciate another eye helping me present my paintings in their best light.  In the studio I’m the boss.  The Mother Ship.  As I travel outward I need to prepare for alternate realities.

I’m waiting for approval.



PS:  If you’d like a free VIP pass to the event please contact me.  I have a limited number available.  Click HERE for show info.