Rio Vermelho 12″ x 12″

Superfine! Art Fair ended on a good note.  I sold one more painting Rio Vermelho, on Saturday to bring total sales to 3 which made Sunday a relaxing enjoy the fair kind of day.  Many great conversations and interest but no swipe with the Square.

We broke down our booths Sunday night and the plan was to leave Monday morning early.

Little did I know a freezing storm came in late Sunday night which left I-5 closed at Castaic right before the Grapevine.  After many false starts in one direction and then another, we were detoured into the mountains where I passed Lake Hughes and Angeles National Park.  Beautiful country and my mood was light.

After an hour plus driving up into the mountains to get around the snowed in Grapevine, we hit another road block.  Ice.  Can’t go through.  No cel reception.  No word if I-5 had re-opened.  Group huddle with the cars stalled at the road block.

Group think with advice from the locals was:

Go back down the hill.

Fortunately I was in no rush and had all day to get home.  I enjoyed the rugged hillsides once more and an hour later I get to I-5 and thankfully the road is open.  Police are escorting cars through cautiously.  (I did try crossing over to 101 but that was a misssss…take! )

What could have been a seven hour drive, including pit stops, took 11 hours!

I want to leave you with a few pictures of my new art friends from the show.  I think we had good mojo because all of us had sales!

Wade Asa (another encaustic artist!), Me, Tomo (from Japan)


Rasa from Lithuania


Rasa’s amazing head pieces!

In the next post I’ll be writing about the strategies and resources I used to make for a successful art fair.

If you have any questions about the show, send them my way and I’ll answer them in my next post!