The storm has finally blown through and now I can take in the view from my very comfortable downtown LA art loft.  The constant stream of cars on the highway remind me of winter ant invasions.  Endless.  Surging.  Determined. 

I’m grateful for the blue skies and sun today.  I’m sure attendance will increase as the weekend warms up.  It’s art fair week in Los Angeles with seven other shows happening concurrently.  Art hopping on the freeway.

The days have been long and at times it’s just a bunch of artists milling around or hunched over their iPhones.  You form a little tribe with your neighboring artists and cheer each other on when things look promising.  An artist from Japan is next to me; across from me is another encaustic artist from North Carolina and behind me is a fiber artist from Lithiuania!  In two long days we’ve become great friends.

Yesterday I sold two pieces.

One was the art on paper piece to the left.  Fortunately I brought extra work and created a portfolio on my tablet.  I’m able to show interested people what else I have available on site.  This was a smart move.  He asked to see this piece and another and was able to make a decision.  Done!

The second sale happened in the last 15 minutes of an eleven hour day.  I always think of my lawyer father who once told me a long law story. 

In brief:

Hang in there.

Deals are always made in the last ten minutes.  Was he right!

In other words, be an ant.