By the time you read this I’ll be on my way to ArtExpo in Las Vegas for the Opening Party of the art fair. This is the first time I’ve exhibited with a gallery at a major art fair and I have no idea what to expect. In the past I’ve presented myself but this time I decided to let someone else wrangle the art fair world and I will be free to roam the halls and greet people as they enter in and out of the many booths.

Maybe this will work.

All solutions can be found in nature. Sit patiently and observe.

Ant Trails. My house has been home to an army of ants lately and I think there is something I can learn from them and apply to the art world. At the fair I need to be the scout and set the trail for others to follow to my booth. Then, they’ll return to their BFF’s and bring them back to the booth. And on and on.

Maybe this will work.

I am grateful for my ants. (I will wear my perfume from Morocco!)

Four of my favorite paintings are in the show; one of them is Ascent of Icarus. You might remember that painting from one of my previous posts. The interested buyer opted out which made it available for Las Vegas and that is a great thing after all. Icarus lights ups the environment in a big way and the title begs the questions of “Tell me more”. Stories are wonderful crumbs to set a trail. People love to share and listen to them. It’s how we learn and grow.

Maybe this will work.

The other 3 paintings I’m exhibiting are the square ones in the first photo. I painted these after my Morocco trip and there is a strength and presence to them.

“Here I am. I have an opinion. I have something to say.”

You too?

Maybe this will work.



PS: I hope to take some photos and videos from the show. Check out my Instagram feed for in the moment moments. Maybe it will work…