Meeting this group of remarkable women artists was the highlight of ArtExpo Las Vegas for me. I’m so glad I went. I don’t have many photos from the art fair because I was swapping stories with these ladies. Each of us brought a unique and authentic body of work to Las Vegas. I’m proud to be part of this group and to have exhibited with the Jen Tough Gallery.

Presentation of the work is key and Jen was flawless in setting up two booths of work for the event. Along with her team she made a stunning initial visual presentation and a lasting final impression. I’ve learned from previous fairs that an encounter can be broken up into 3 parts. Beginning impression, middle conversation of identifying needs/desires of the viewer and the final experience. Oddly, it’s not the middle conversation part that people remember.

People base their experience on the initial and final interactions.

Smile when you say hello and graciously walk with them as they leave. Always with an appreciative smile for the time together.

Brazilians are the expert people handlers. I learn so much when I’m in Brazil shopping at the malls. They greet you as you walk in, figure out what you’re looking for and offer many possibilities and after you make your purchase (which you always do); they walk with you to the front of the store, hand you your purchase and wave goodbye. It’s an experience.

And you bet. I return to that store next time!

It’s easy to get caught up in the compare and contrast when going to art fairs. I see what is selling, who is doing what, how many has been sold and to whom. That’s all well and good but I need to let it go too. Social media also offers a slippery slope if not careful. Constant looking at what others are painting, if they’ve sold, what they’ve sold can actually hurt in the end.

I need time to develop and respond to my work and not react to the work and success of others. This reactionary mode will take me further and further from my true work and the people who have come along with me. Me. Meme. Most meme in my message. How I create and present might change but the message stays true.

I now have employed TTT in my day. Ticking Tech Time. This means that my time on tech has a limit. A short fuse and if I don’t pay attention it can be as disruptive as a bomb going off. If you ever receive an email from me and I end quickly with a TTT you’ll know what is going on. Sometimes one phone call can resolve what might take 6 emails. I’m using the phone more myself. Rotary.

Why do horses wear blinders?

To run their own race.



PS: I’m in Ventura, California right now at the closing reception for the show Nod to Mod at the H Gallery. I’ll have spoken on the artists’ panel sharing and deepening my message to live your bright life. Now.

Put on your blinders and run!